Any modern Android phone is already equipped with a pre-installed application for playing music and video files. However, the possibilities of standard applications do not always suit us. The Google Play service has several hundred music applications, each of which has a special functionality and supports a variety of file formats.

But which music player is best for Android? In this article we will talk about the 10 most interesting, convenient and functional players that will turn a smartphone into a full-fledged music center.


The official music player for Android from Google is integrated with the cloud service Google Play Music and provides access to an extensive database of music tracks directly from your mobile phone. For authorization, you will only need to specify your account in Google, and enter the data from the bank card. The system automatically extends the access to the service.

Cost: the first 30 days for free, then – 189 rubles per month.

Key features:

  • A huge base of tracks of any genre, taste, country.
  • Built-in storage for each user (can store up to 50,000 songs).
  • Create your own radio stations with selected songs.
  • Complete lack of advertising.
  • Purchase additional music tracks, publish links in social networks.
  • Smart system of recommendations based on your interests.


Functionality is similar to Google, but the list of possible songs in the Russian segment is much larger. You can use the program in any country. Authorization also requires an account in Yandex.

Cost: the first month of use is free of charge, then – 199 rubles.

Key features:

  • Daily update of the collection of music files.
  • Clever algorithm for similar songs based on your interests.
  • Creation of individual play-lists for playback.
  • Separation of songs by genre, year of release, albums.
  • Synchronization of the program and the online site under the account.


This program was originally created only for computers on the Windows platform, but several years ago it was integrated for Android devices. Although only a part of the desktop functionality is transferred to the mobile version, many users believe that this is the best music player for Android for a modern smartphone.

Main functions:

  • Built-in 8-band equalizer with a huge list of settings.
  • Support for a large number of music file formats.
  • Quickly add music from the SD card.
  • Reading covers and output when playing music.
  • Manage the playlist using the headset.
  • Delete, search and sort files from the program window.
  • Cost: free.

If you need a quality music player, Android users recommend AIMP! Several dozens of modes in the equalizer, visualization, support for subtitles, the ability to view history and much more.


Free audio player for Android. For a couple of years of its existence, Phonograph Music Player managed to acquire a large audience of fans in many ways thanks to the colorful interface and rich functionality. The only downside is the lack of Russification.

Key features:

  • Support for a large number of music file formats.
  • Integration with service.
  • Automatic download information about each song author.
  • Edit meta-data files (name, year, author, additional fields).
  • Configure the interface, support for several types of themes.
  • Built-in widget for the desktop on Android.
  • Cost: free.


This powerful MP3-player with a huge number of features is available for any version of the Android OS. It does not require a lot of memory, while it supports a large number of formats, allows you to adjust the equalizer and frequencies, allows you to play system files.

Key features:

  • Equalizer with 10 bands (tone control, sound).
  • Continuous update of supported formats.
  • Beautiful visualization when playing songs.
  • Selection and installation of skins.
  • Several configurations for installing desktop widgets.
  • Download and view album covers.
  • Cost: the first 2 weeks are free. Then you need to go to the paid version (from 79 rubles).


Not just a player for Android, but also a useful application for searching music files with text. This makes the application a contender for the title of “Best Music Player for Android 2017″. The user can enter a couple of phrases from the song and access the track (also when listening to any songs, the text of the song is displayed). Search can be performed both inside the Musixmatch database and on third-party services, for example, YouTube.

Key features:

  • Support for a large number of formats.
  • Listen to music with synchronization and display of lyrics.
  • Copy full text of the song and send it to social networks.
  • Internal search of music files by entering words from songs.
  • Load and save covers.
  • Creating your own play-lists.
  • An impressive set of application settings on the Android device.
  • Cost: free.